English native-speaking NANNY for family with 4 kids in Bogenhausen

English native-speaking NANNY for family with 4 kids in Bogenhausen

core time: 3 Sundays a month and 3-4 Afternoons during week


Family living in Bogenhausen is looking for an English native-speaking nanny to care for their 4 kids aged 3, 5 ½, 9 and 10 years on Sundays and 3 or 4 afternoons during the week.

  • We are looking for a caring nanny who is intelligent and patient and willing to look after our four kids. The kids behave properly and get along well with their nannies and understand authority.
  • A native English speaker is preferred. The kid's mother tongue is German. However, the kids are/have been going to a bilingual kindergarten. They want to and should continue to train English with the nanny.
  • The person should enjoy and provide lively indoor and outdoor activities for the children, e.g. playing hide-and-seek or soccer, reading books, playing lego or chess, doing handicrafts, telling stories or just having fun. Finally, the person should motivate the kids to tidy up their rooms :-). A private garden including sandbox is available.
  • Especially during the week, the nanny will co-work with the mother, who is at home almost all the time. (E.g. While the mother is doing homework with the older kids, the nanny plays with the two younger kids, While the mother is getting the kids ready for bed time, the nanny cleans up the kitchen after dinner, While the mother is taking the oldest to soccer, the nanny goes to the library with the younger three kids.) On Sundays, the parents will be at home as well. If not, they will at least be back home to bring the children to bed at 7:30 pm.
  • The person has to be trustworthy and discreet.
  • As there are allergies in the family, the person should not smoke and not use too much perfume.
  • The person should have a serious long-time interest in the position (minimum of 2 years).
  • A degree in a pedagogical field is a plus.


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Job Specifications:
  • Three Sundays a months from 10:30 or 11:30 to 19:30 are the core time. Furthermore, three or four afternoons from 14:45 to 19:15, e.g. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. So that the person has two days off in a row with Friday and Saturday.
  • The position includes parts of housework like cleaning up the table and the kitchen after dinner, filling or emptying the dish washer and cooking dinner for the kids. However, we do have a real cleaner in addition.
  • The family lives in Bogenhausen five minutes from the subway station U4 Arabellapark.
  • Salary: Negotiable 18-20€ per hour depending on expertise, legal & insured employment.
Bezahlung: 15-20 € / Stunde
Beginn: z.B. 1.12.2019
Dauer: längerfristig
Std./Woche: 20-40
Einsatzort: München Bogenhausen
Telefon: 0176-29060606
E-Mail: anke@klagges.de
Kontakt: Please contact:

Mrs Anke Klagges

Tel.: 0176 29060606

E-Mail: anke@klagges.de
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